is making a comeback.

What is it

A fruit that’s somewhere between a pear and an apple, with hard, yellowish skin and tart, fragrant flesh. 

in season

From October to December, your local greengrocer will be sure to stock them. The rest of the year, they're hard to come by.


When storing quinces, keep fresh ones on the countertop until they become fragrant. Store stewed quinces in the fridge or freezer, and refrigerate opened quince paste, jam, or jelly.

Quince poached in pomegranate juice

Lamb-stuffed quince with pomegranate & coriander

Poached quince with raspberry and quince jelly and mascarpone sabayon


Quince, a fruit that predates the apple, originated in the rugged Caucasus mountains. It eventually found its way to the Mediterranean, captivating the palates of ancient Romans and Greeks. The allure of quince lies in its enigmatic nature. At first glance, it seems hard to eat with its tough rind, downy skin, and tart raw flesh. But quince undergoes a remarkable transformation when nurtured. Through gentle stewing, its sugars slowly caramelise, yielding a soft, tangy, and beautifully red delight.

How to cook with quince

Raw, it’s not great. Cooked, it’s unparalleled. Here are the best ways to eat quince.

The perfect pair

Verena swears by the quince-apple collaboration. She says that the sharp, floral note of quince is something you don’t get with any other fruit. A dash of rosewater brings out those floral notes even more–not enough to taste the rose, but enough to bring it all together. Try an apple and quince pie when you next have the family round.

Quince at Christmas

Nothing screams Christmas quite like a quince. Our quince poached in pomegranate juice is undeniably superior to a Christmas pub. Yep, I said it.

Pastes, purées, and preserves

When it comes to purees, preserves or pastes, there is a reason quince is the go-to. Its high pectin content is a natural thickening agent, only found in some fruits, making it perfect for homemade marmalade. But it’s also the tart, pungent flavour and fragrance you want in a preserve.

“Chef, what’s your favourite quince dish?”

Verena's childhood was filled with quinces. Her mum would go quince picking and make the clearest quince jelly she’s ever seen. That jelly on hot toast with butter, she says, beats anything else.