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Delight in the full thanksgiving feast this year without any complicated planning, shopping, chopping or stressing. This is thanksgiving made easy, with all of the exciting trimmings, stuffing, sides and desserts you’d expect from Ottolenghi. Your meal can be taken as far as you want by us – turkeys can either be roasted or ready to roast, carved or ready to carve – and can be either delivered (London only) or collected.

To place your order or for more information contact the participating shops:
Belgravia: [email protected] 020 7823 2707 
Notting Hill: [email protected] 020 7727 1121

Turkey orders must be placed by 12pm Saturday, November 23
Other items must be ordered by 12pm Monday, November 25


smallest turkeys are 4kg/serves 8

Whole seasoned bronze free-range turkey
Roasted £11.20/per portion
Ready to roast £10.20/per portion

Roasted turkey breast served with mint, cumin and lemon sauce
Carved £9.80/per portion
Ready to carve £9.80/per portion

Whole free-range chicken with thyme, butter and lemon
Roasted £9.80/per portion
Ready to roast £9.00/per portion

Persian love rice stuffed acorn squash £10.00/per portion


Green beans with burnt butter, sage, lemon and almonds £7.00/per portion
Roasted sweet potato with pecan, sultana, maple and spring onion £7.50/per portion
Roasted brussels sprouts with balsamic shallots, bacon and kale £7.00/per portion
Mashed potato with nutmeg served with wild mushrooms, thyme and caramelised onion £7.00/per portion
Wild and basmati rice salad with dried cranberries, pistachios, lemon and herbs £7.00/per portion


Chestnut and prune with bacon and sage £6.00/per portion
Sourdough and dried apricot with fig, celery and rosemary £6.00/per portion


serves 6

Cranberry and apple relish with orange and ginger £6.50/jar
Traditional gravy £7.00/pot


all served with mascarpone cream

Small pumpkin pie (serves 6) £25.00
Large pumpkin pie (serves 8-10) £35.00
Small pecan pie (serves 6) £25.00
Large pecan pie (serves 8-10) £35.00
Apple galette on walnut pastry (serves 8) £32.00
Whipped cream £6.50