About Ottolenghi

"The people behind our food are a dedicated team, full of enthusiasm and creative zeal. They make Ottolenghi what it is. Unfortunately, we can mention just a few."

- Yotam Ottolenghi

Based in the test-kitchen in Camden, Yotam spends much of his time creating and testing recipes for his column in the Guardian, on-going cookery books and programmes for television. When he is not creating and cooking, testing, tasting and tweaking, he is overseeing the day-to-day running of the shops and restaurant. This involves more testing, tasting and tweaking so when he is not doing this he tries very hard to do something other than eat.
Family life and pilates are his much-loved distractions.

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The Team


While much has changed since we opened shop in 2002 – the Ottolenghi team has expanded, new sites have appeared along with a thriving restaurant and on-line store, exciting new ingredients fill our cupboards, even bigger platters hold even taller displays of food – so much, crucially, has remained the same. Staff members who’ve been together for years, recipes, dishes and ingredients that are old and trusted favourites and a philosophy at the heart of all we do that is as true today as it ever was.

Simply put, we are very serious about making people happy through our food. To look at, to taste, to eat in-store or to take-away home, to order products on-line or when dining in our restaurants, the food that we create is often described as ‘sunny’. It’s full of harmonious contradictions: it’s vibrant and bold yet familiar and comforting; it’s beautiful to look at yet close to its original form; it’s full of surprising drama yet always comes together as one; it’s noisy yet peaceful, lip-smacking yet warm, simple yet daring. We are still cooking the food that we and our customers delight in and it’s still making us proud, happy and full of beans.

As ever, our food is freshly-made and free from preservatives and colouring. Wherever possible, we source our goods locally within Britain and Europe. We are particularly proud to be working with so many small, local, artisan food producers who are behind much of what we sell through our on-line store. From North London bee keepers and meat curers to cheese makers and seaweed harvesters in the West coast of Ireland, there is just so much energy and passion going into the making of some first-class ingredients.

The Mediterranean influence is still strong in our cooking but we are as likely, these days, to be reaching for the mirin and miso as we are towards the pomegranate molasses, olive oil and date syrup. The cupboard is wide, the menu ever-changing and the experiments ever-underway. We continue on with both a boundless enthusiasm and an unswerving dedication to detail. The result is some very merry-making food.