There are few companies who are truly in the privileged position of being able to combine a small and tight-knit family atmosphere with a global reputation. Working at Ottolenghi, Nopi and Rovi gives exactly this. Our 4 restaurants and three delis are firmly rooted in their local neighbourhoods, however through our cookbooks we have reached people from Australia, to the US, Japan and Europe. On a daily basis we get to build genuine and meaningful relationships with those in our local communities, whilst benefiting from the excitement, energy and enthusiasm brought by our international guests. This really rewarding combination gives all of us in the team a sense of pride and purpose in our work.

Team and family are two important concepts for us. From the founders of the restaurants, through to all members of the team we have a sense of togetherness. Our successes are shared, as are the harder times. We have high expectations of the work we do, but this is what makes it such a rewarding place to be. The really great thing about working at Ottolenghi, NOPI and ROVI isn't measured in perks and benefits, rather a much deeper sense of unity and direction. Many members of the team have been with the company for many years and this is a testament to the culture in which we work. Nothing gives a greater sense of satisfaction than seeing individuals grow and progress, however, there is true respect for the work everyone does at every level, each of us is as crucial as each other.

And let's not forget the food and wine that is central to Ottolenghi, NOPI and ROVI. We are restaurants built from a chef's point of view. The food at Ottolenghi has helped define how a generation views food, making bold flavours and vegetables work in a unique and progressive way. Chefs at all levels are able to contribute to this with their ideas and energy. The quality of the food we produce gives great confidence to us all.

It is hard to sum up working at Ottolenghi, NOPI and ROVI in words, it has to be experienced.