Fast Falastin

Quick, easy and delicious recipes to get you through lockdown

We can’t homeschool your kids for you; we can’t de-Zoom your days BUT we can offer quick and easy recipes for when you quickly need to get (delicious) food on the table day, after day, after day. . . meal, after meal, after meal. . .

HASSAN’S EASY EGGS (Falastin pg. 22) – The pairing of soft-boiled eggs with za’atar, lemon and spring onions will be a revelation to those who have not tried them. These are such simple and quick thing to make and will really get your day off to a good start. We can all get a bit set in our ways with the way we like to cook eggs so try these for something new. Thanks, Sami’s dad!

CHICKEN MUSAKHAN (Falastin pg. 247) – This is the ‘gateway’ recipe into FALASTIN cooking. It’s really simple and easy to make: pieces of chicken mixed with a host of spices – cinnamon, cumin, sumac, allspice and more before being roasted. Once roasted, they are then layered up with a mix of sumac onions (which you should batch make so that they are always there sitting in your fridge as they’re lovely piled into sandwiches or eaten with other meat or fish) and flat bread. Top with toasted pine nuts and chopped parsley and a family favourite it will be! Grab and tear a piece of bread, pile in the chicken and onions, let everyone eat with their hands.

ROASTED COD WITH A CORIANDER CRUST (Falastin pg. 204) – It’s beginning-to-end in 15 minutes with this simple fish dish. What more to say apart from the fact that it is a delicious, quick, easy, super-duper-new-year-new-you healthy and all good things meal. It’s also as close to fast food as you are going to get.

. . .stay tuned for the next installment, which will be FEASTING FALASTIN: those recipes for when you have more time on your hands to try something a bit new and a bit epic.

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