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Hummus at Home - follow our step-by-step guide and our selection of the best ingredients to create Ottolenghi-style hummus at home.

You'll be left with not only the creamiest dreamiest hummus, but the technique to recreate this time and again. The different topping ideas will make this versatile staple the perfect dip for an evening snack or centre stage of your weekend brunch.

Included are dried chickpeas for the authentic recipe, and jarred chickpeas for the best result if you are short on time. Plus the very best tahini we can find and the best you've tasted.

Toppings include our favourite aleppo chilli, dukkah and Za'atar and our Palestinian Green Chilli Relish. Last but not least, Za’atar Pitta Chips for dipping.

Included is a step-by-step recipe card and enough toppings and tahini to 'Ottolenghify' your favourite mezze for weeks.


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