OTK Extra Good Things

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We’re delighted to announce that the second cookbook in the Ottolenghi Test Kitchen (OTK) series is officially on its way. OTK: Extra Good Things comes out in the UK on 29th September and we couldn’t be more excited! Pre-order a signed copy below.

In OTK: Extra Good Things, Yotam, Noor and the OTK team give you an abundance of veg-forward meals with each recipe offering a takeaway - a sauce, a sprinkle, a condiment - you can repurpose time and time again to accessorise your next meal. Think harissa butter on mushrooms, then tossed with steamed veg or stuffed into a baked potato. Smoky sweet nuts spooned onto oven fries, then used to top hummus for the next meal.

Extra Good Things explores all the tools and skills needed to build up your creative repertoire and refill your shelves and fridges.

It’s all the good things you want from Ottolenghi, plus extra.


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