We offer lifelong careers in hospitality, fostering talent and putting people in the heart of everything that we do. We celebrate a diverse range of voices, both on the plate and on the restaurant floor.

Chaya Maya

"My journey in the company started as a Demi-CDP in the Spitalfields branch. I never imagined that I would be taken on, nor did I ever dream that I would be a member of the Test Kitchen, writing for and managing the Guardian column. Totally wild!"

Monica Lakatos

"My first 30 minutes at Ottolenghi could never be repeated! I spilled a tray of drinks on a guest and I was so sad as I loved the place. Fortunately, I was given a second chance. 15 years later I am the manager at Islington, juggling my career with life as a Momma and my husband, who also works as a head chef at Ottolenghi."

David Bravo

"I started at NOPI in 2012 as Chef de Partie under the great mentor, Scully and I have also had the privilege of working alongside Sami Tamimi. I really love being part of the Ottolenghi team because everyone works together and there is always an opportunity to progress. Over my many years at Ottolenghi, I have been Head Chef at Ottolenghi Islington, Spitalfields, NOPI, and now my new role is Executive Development Chef!"

Francis Pereira

"I started working as a kitchen porter in Notting Hillalongside Sami and Yotam in 2003. I was destined to go back to Brazil but 20 years later I am the Head Chef at Ottolenghi Notting Hill!."

Gitai Fisher

"I haveworked in several roles within the Ottolenghi universe! I startedas a front of house team member and after several years as Yotam’s executive assistant, learning anything from cookbook publishing to contract clauses, Christmas decorations to project managing events for the MET in NYC. I went on to co-manage the Ottolenghi Test Kitchen with Noor Murad and I have recently started a new role as Head of Digital Content, encompassing social media, online content and video production."