Our story

Ottolenghi began as a small deli in Notting Hill in 2002, founded by Yotam, Noam Bar, and Sami Tamimi. They brought the vibrant flavours and sensory delights of Middle Eastern souks to a modern, thoughtfully designed space, contrasting riotous colours against a white backdrop. For the first time, food to go was treated with the seriousness of a Michelin restaurant. Freshly cooked vegetable platters and cakes prepared daily by skilled chefs and presented with artistry and skill. 

The little shop quickly became a sensation. Locals queued around the corner for aubergine salad with saffron yogurt or a slice of lemon polenta pistachio cake. This success led to more Ottolenghi delis and restaurants, each echoing the abundance, intensity, freshness, and originality of the first.

Our food

The Ottolenghi displays are all about joy and abundance; the usual barriers placed in shops between people and food are broken down. We want our customers to see and smell the food.

 It feels laidback, almost casual, but there is an obsessive attention to detail: fruit tarts are perfectly finished and lined up on slates, squash slices layered with sauces and scattered with nuts for contrast and crunch, and huge ceramic platters chosen to perfectly complement the food.

This kind of display creates a sense of familiarity and ease. Like you’re entering a family celebration where everyone is welcome.