Ottolenghi Pantry

We’ve launched a range of sauces, marinades and spices.


Bringing the joy of our kitchen to yours.

Ottolenghi’s flavours often take time. Smoking, ageing, infusing, browning — these are some of the ways we draw out and intensify flavour.

So we’ve created some time-saving ways to add some serious depth to your dinners. Spices, condiments and sauces that make dishes taste like they’ve been simmering all day. These ingredients have earned their spot as our pantry staples. We think they’ll soon be yours, too.

"Ottolenghi to the masses... Well, not quite, but I have always been super eager to get our flavours onto people's dinner plates nationwide, not just in London, without having to cook it from scratch every single time. I am so happy with our new range of sauces, marinades and spices, which does exactly that: Ottolenghi flavours, cooked at home, with no effort at all."

Yotam Ottolenghi