Katja Tausig

We caught up with Katja Tausig, Development Chef at Ottolenghi, to chat about her love of beekeeping, her essential pantry items, and the simple joy of spaghetti.

Meet Katja

Meet Kat. Since joining our team in 2022, her deft touch with pared-down flavours and ingenious cooking tips has continued to amaze us.

Kat started cooking at Leiths School of Food and Wine, initially thinking she’d go straight into recipe development. But once she got a taste of life in a professional kitchen, she was hooked by London’s vibrant food scene. From the confidently unfussy Italian cooking at Trullo, to becoming Head Chef of Koya, she’s gathered a wealth of experience along the way. Now, she’s bringing all that knowledge and passion to our test kitchen.


Hi Kat. What’s your desert island dish? 

“Spaghetti with tomato sauce. Super simple and super delicious. You can dial it up or down, depending on how much time you have. But you simply can’t beat it”

What’s your favourite cooking utensil?

“Probably a microplane. It’s very hard to finely grate cheese or zest a lemon without one. Actually, maybe a small serrated knife. It’s hard to choose…”

Three ingredients you couldn’t live without? 

“Lemon, anchovies and garlic. They seem to make it into every recipe.”

Favourite thing to do when you’re not at work? 

“Definitely beekeeping. I tend to 8 hives on a farm just outside Lewes in East Sussex. As a chef, I’ve always been interested in how dependent our food chain is on these little pollinators. And when I inherited some beekeeping equipment a few years back, I had to put it to use. ”

Which Ottolenghi dish have you cooked more than any other?

“There’s quite a simple cucumber and lamb’s lettuce salad I’ve made, many times from Simple. But also the prawn and tomato stew from Falastin is just delicious.”

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