Our Soho restaurant has some of the Ottolenghi trademarks - most notably, a menu that celebrates bold flavours. But NOPI has a very different feel to the Ottolenghi delis. The marble is white, the brass is golden, the art is dynamic, and the pace is a little faster. In our main dining room, we offer individual tables accommodating up to 6 guests. Downstairs we have two large sharing tables overlooking our open plan kitchen and larder.


NOPI’s menu changes according to the seasons but signature dishes include courgette and manouri fritters, coriander seed-crusted burrata with slices of blood orange and Valdeón cheesecake. NOPI serves lunch, pre-theatre and dinner menus.



11.30 - 15.00 Monday to Thursday 
11.30 - 17.00 Friday to Saturday
17.00 - 22.30 Monday to Saturday






Meet our team - David Bravo

Some chefs cook because it's part of the job description, while others live and breathe food. NOPI's head chef David Bravo, definitely falls into the second category: he reads any cookbook that he can get his hands on and takes full advantage of his multicultural team to help further his palate and techniques.


If that weren't enough, his "chef mode" doesn't switch off at home either - he loves teaching his 4 kids how to cook and launched his own pickle micro business in 2020. Bravo (as he's known to us) credits his hometown of Gonzanama, Ecuador for instilling in him a respect for agriculture and dairy products. He vividly remembers going to his grandpa's farm where he would pick oranges, drink raw milk and experience the daily ritual of making queso fresco.


Having started with us as a chef de partie at NOPI 10 years ago, Bravo has worked across Ottolenghi over the years. He became head chef of Ottolenghi Islington in 2017, then took on the role at Ottolenghi Spitalfields, before returning to NOPI as head chef in 2021.



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