Meet Angelos

We sat down with Angelos, Development Chef at the test kitchen, to chat about his first food memories, love of chopsticks, and why everything’s better with hot sauce. 

Meet Angelos

Angelos is our newest chef in the test kitchen. His cooking is a fusion of all the places he’s called home: from Cyprus to Israel, Hong Kong to Serbia. He wears many hats: development chef, barbecue enthusiast, music lover, and full-time foodie. 

Angelos has brought a breath of fresh air to our kitchen. Having done the rounds across London’s food scene, from Brat to Honey and Co to Bao, he’s arrived in our test kitchen. 


Hi Angelos. What’s your desert island dish? 

“Probably Siu Mei–Cantonese roasted meats. It has to be served with rice, green veg and all the condiments. Spring onion and ginger oil, chilli oil, mustard for roast pork, duck sauce for the duck.

Your favourite cooking utensil?

“I’d have to say my comically large, cooking chopsticks. I call them my Scum Skimmers.” 

And three ingredients you couldn’t live without? 

“Lemons, garlic, and rice.”

What’s yours favourite thing to do when you’re not at work? 

“Bit of a busman's holiday situation but I love hosting barbeques and dinner parties for friends, with lots of music and games

Which Ottolenghi dish have you cooked more than any other?

“The aubergines with buttermilk sauce is an underrated classic. It was my introduction to Ottolenghi and the dish I used to cook to impress my friends, long before I decided I wanted to be a chef. The simplicity means you can jazz it up any way you choose, and it looks stunning when presented on a large serving platter.” 

Finish the sentence: ‘There are few things which cannot be improved by the addition of…’

“Hot Sauce!”