Ottolenghi Islington is easily recognised by the impressive cake display which occupies the entire front window of our shop. Beyond this, you'll find an abundant display of salads, Ottolenghi products and a wall filled with low-intervention wine - all of which we offer to take away or to eat in. Located opposite the Almeida Theatre, we are a pre-theatre favourite and a much-loved local institution to long-time regulars and first time guests alike. 

Our restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch on a walk-in basis only - so try to make it in early if you are planning a weekend brunch. We take reservations for dinner from 5:30pm. Seating in the restaurant is mostly on long, communal tables but there are a handful of tables for two. Please let us know at the point of booking if you have a seating preference.


8.00 - 22.00
9.00 - 18.00



Meet our team - Jeanne Gleize


When things get really busy and heated at Ottolenghi Islington, it's wonderful to have gentle Jeanne who never loses her smile or her cool. Born in Toulouse and raised in a small town near the French Pyrenées, she settled in London after studying Geography and Urban Planning back home and then spending some time in Australia. Her hobbies include pottery, collages and hiking around Europe.


Jeanne joined us in 2017 and quickly became a beloved face behind the Islington cake and deli counter. She left for a couple of years to pursue other goals and then came back to us last year, much to our joy. As the saying goes: if you love something, set it free - we understand when our staff want to fly the nest and broaden their horizons, but it sure warms our hearts when they come back to join us again... which they often do!





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