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Za’atar is a Middle Eastern herb blend. A dusting of this magic dust adds an earthy, herbal hit to dishes. Sami brought it to Ottolenghi from the alleys Jerusalem where he grew up. 

What is it?

Both a leafy green herb and a spice blend made from those dried herbs, sesame seeds, and sumac. The herbs have a distinctive, pungent, savoury aroma.


You can find za'atar in any large supermarket or you can buy our own blend on our online shop.

Getting to know za'atar

The leafy green herb reflects the soil it grows in, so Palestinian and Israeli za’atar, for example, have their own unique character. Za'atar leaves can be eaten fresh in salads or mixed into bread dough before baking. But outside the Middle East, za’atar is best known in its powdered form, mixed with sesame seeds, sumac, and salt. And to really confuse everyone, this is also called za’atar. The best za’atar (spice blend) is made using za’atar (leaves) that are silvery-grey, then dried and ground. Nothing should be added to them apart from the trio listed above.

How to cook with za’atar

The spice blend has an extraordinary ability to transform all manner of dishes. Keep it simple and sprinkle over roast lamb or mix with olive oil to finish off any roast vegetables, flatbreads or salads.

Za’atar can pair with pretty much anything–dairy, vegetables, meats, fish, and even cheese. Our za’atar cacio e pepe is a perfect example of sprucing up a classic dish and bringing in some Middle Eastern charm. Herby, fresh and warm. Chaya even claimed that “cacio e pepe has been waiting for za’atar all this time”.