Feta makes everything better.

What is it

A crumbly white cheese made from sheep’s or goat’s milk.


True feta can only be made in Greece, where it's renowned for its briny and tangy flavour. This makes it perfect for crumbling over salads, soups, or vegetables. Most of the feta you find in supermarkets is labelled as Greek-style. To ensure you're getting authentic feta, look for cheese made from sheep's milk (or a combination that includes sheep's milk) and opt for blocks stored in brine.


Everything’s better with feta. It’s a crumbly, white cheese made from sheep or goat milk that should be in everyone's fridge. You can trickle it with olive oil; tuck it into a salad in jagged chunks; or marinate in spicy oil. Crumble it, bake it, blitz it, stuff with it, whatever you wish. Just make sure to showcase it.

There’s been some drama

There has been some serious drama recently and the Greeks aren’t happy. Since Homer’s Odyssey and Aristotle, Greeks have been the exclusive makers and merchants of Feta. But now, it seems others are trying to jump on this salty, tangy train. In 2022, the EU’s highest court went as far as to announce that Denmark would be breaking the law if it continued to produce and sell their fraudulent ‘feta’. It was the biggest faux pas’ in fromage. However, peace has been restored and Greece’s ownership of feta has been certified. Yia mas!


Feta is one of the most versatile cheeses out there. It can be marinated, loaded on toast or whizzed into a dip. Feta is our go-to cheese. Sorry Hallumi, but there is something about that feta-tang that we can’t seem to get enough of.

Crumble over a salad

Let’s take it back to basics. When making a fresh salad, cheese adds a rich, creamy texture and a salty or nutty taste depending on the type of cheese you use. Feta adds something even better. The tang-factor. The Greeks have been using feta to garnish salads since Hercules.

Marinate your feta

Marinating allows the feta to absorb the aromatics and herbs. Keeping a jar of marinated feta in the fridge can be useful for any time of day: on toast for breakfast, for dinner with a baked potato or a pre-bed snack. It can be kept in a sealed container in the fridge for up to a week.

“Chef, what is your favourite feta-focused recipe?”

According to Jake, “Katja has an absolute Feta-ish”. Her favourite way with feta is in a Turkish-style breakfast: spicy Turkish sausage, cucumber, honey and lots of feta.