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We've pulled together all of the essential ingredients for OTK Shelf Love, some of which you might not already have in your store cupboard, and if you do, then more is more! Included are Dried Chickpeas, Mung Beans, Chana Dal, as well as must-have Tahini, and essential spices including Palestinian Za'atar, Allspice Pimento, Sumac and Whole Black Limes - all to get you up and running on your OTK cooking journey. 

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Dried Chickpeas   + £0.00
Dried Chana Dal   + £0.00
Black Lime   + £0.00
Ancho Chilli   + £0.00
Sumac   + £0.00
Tahini   + £0.00
Za'atar   + £0.00
Whole Star Anise   + £0.00
Allspice (Pimento)   + £0.00
Dried Mung Beans   + £0.00

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