Rosemary spiced nuts

Rosemary spiced nuts

Rosemary spiced nuts

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This is a new take on our much-loved recipe. A sweet and salty blend with the heat of cayenne pepper and the aromatics of garam masala and rosemary. The perfect snack for any occasion: cocktail parties, pre-dinner or as a gift.


Peanuts, pecans, cashews, almonds, Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower oil, garam masala, garlic salt, celery salt, cayenne pepper, sugar, rosemary.

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Perfect with

  1. Grissini

    Hand-rolled breadsticks for snacks and dips. Should come with a 'dangerously moreish' label attached


  2. Lavosh

    Seed-studded and slightly sweet these are perfect with a dip or on their own with drinks



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  • Savoury Sooooo good!
    (17/08/2015) These are incredible. Seasoning a wonderful balance of sweet and savoury. If you are able to limit yourself to a few of these for a mid afternoon or mid morning snack you'll be doing much better than me... Another fabulous Ottolenghi product.
  • Savoury Decadent treat
    (30/09/2014) Beautiful nuts with a lot of aromatic flavours. So moreish but I enjoyed just a pinch a day to make them last whenever I needed an energy boost!
  • Savoury Lovely
    (11/09/2014) Great when you need a savoury snack - treat.
  • Savoury so addictive!
    (21/01/2014) these are beautifully seasoned and not too sweet and very addictive!
  • Savoury Fresh and spicy
    (29/10/2013) Really tasty and fresh spicy nuts. So often nuts are slightly off - not these. Absolutely delicious and moreish.