Serax x Ottolenghi

‘FEAST’ is our beautiful tableware collection - a collaboration with Belgian design label Serax and Italian artist Ivo Bisignano.

Encompassing 100 unique pieces, the collection represents everything Ottolenghi stands for, designed with the intention of coming together in celebration of food, family and friendship. It is a playful assemblage of colourful plates, bowls, cups, glasses and cutlery, distinguished by two main motifs – abstract vegetable shapes (our favourite food group!) and forms of an impulsive O-shaped brushstroke for Ottolenhgi, all designed by Ivo Bisignano, the visonalry behind FEAST and the artist responsible for all of Ottolenghi’s creative graphics.

“I have an obsession for the O”, says Ivo Bisignano. “The O shape of a face, the O of a circle, a dot, a double dot and of course: the O of Ottolenghi. The continuum of the O shape is something I find very intriguing”.

We’ve used a mix of colours and eye-catching patterns, from cobolt and aqua blue to bright yellow and soft pink, mixed in with cream, black and navy. “The plates are like different spices”, says Bisignano. “It is the combination and proportion of the different components that will define the flavour.”

The range features eight different sized plates, two styles of dishes, tapas plates in two sizes, bowls in both small and large and a generous salad bowl.  Click here to explore it all

We are very proud to partner with Serax – a Belgium based design label working with passionate creatives all over the globe, from Ann Demeulemeester and Vincent Van Duysen to Paola Navone and Piet Boon. The recognized Serax tableware graces some of the best restaurants in the world. If you dine at Albert Adrià’s Enigma restaurant, Jean George in New York City or Nobu in Milan, it will always be on meticulously crafted Serax products. Being a family business for more than 30 years, Serax values the creation of objects that bring joy to everyday life, the very same values we apply to our food.