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  • Shop How much do I love Plenty!
    (05/08/2016) Plenty is my go to, favourite cookbook. Thank you Yotam - you have really inspired my cooking and expanded my repertoire in the kitchen and introduced me to 'new' ingredients such as pomegranate and pomegranate molasses.
    An all time fav would have to be Barley and Pomegranate salad, Soba noodles with aubergine and mango, and Swiss chard, chickpea and tamarind stew... and then there's the Mushroom and herb polenta!!!

    I can't wait for the next time I visit London (a long way from New Zealand!) to visit one of the wonderful Ottolenghi restaurants!
  • Shop The best cookbook in the world?
    (17/03/2015) I adore Plenty. It's got some of my favourite recipes in it and it's the go-to when we're having any kind of special meal as it's guaranteed to be delicious.
    The caramelised garlic tart, green pancakes with lime butter, cucumber salad with garlic & ginger, and green couscous are the highlights for me.
  • Shop fantastic
    (12/03/2015) I'm not a vegetarian and love everything i eat in this book; none of the dishes feel like they lack, or would even benefit from, the addition of meat. The recipes are easy to follow (once you have the ingredients) and the photography in the book is lovely.
  • Shop Delicious vegetarian recipes
    (20/01/2015) I love the vegetarian recipes in the guardian and please to find that some of them are in this book and plenty more. Such wonderful use of ingredients and has made me use vegetables I have not tried before such as Kolarabi. I love the aubergine croquets and the kolarabi salad and am looking forward to trying lots more of these recipes.
  • Shop great book
    (11/10/2014) Simply a wonderful book. I have made lots of dishes from this book and each one has been a wonderful success - relatively easy dishes to make also. Also bought the book for friends. Recommended.
  • Shop My go to cookbook for great meals
    (11/09/2014) A long-time follower of 'The New Vegetarian' column in the Guardian, I think I bought Plenty the day it came out. It's been the book I turn to most when I want to follow a recipe knowing the result will be a delicious vegetarian meal. It's also a book I browse for ideas (I wing it in the kitchen more often than not but love reading great cookbooks for ideas). I've been vegetarian for many years but this book gave me loads of new ideas. Recipes can be ingredient heavy and quite fiddly but it's well worth making the effort; the results are wonderful.

    Everything I've cooked from Plenty has been delicious but the multi-vegetable paella in particular is genius.
  • Shop Foolproof
    (22/08/2014) I'm not much of a cook. I don't cook (properly, from a recipe) very often and am too impatient to follow many recipes closely.

    Everything I have made from Plenty - six or seven things, some several times - has turned out absolutely delicious. So delicious that guests - and I! - are staring at their plate to try and understand what can be in this that makes it so yummy.

    Well worth the effort.
  • Shop Carnivores would love this book too
    (17/08/2014) This is THE VEGETABLE COOKBOOK for me. Most cookbooks I have have a tendency to treat vegetables as an afterthought. Not this one. I hardly miss the meat. I used this book for last years Thanksgiving (American) and it even distracted from the turkey. Aside from Plenty More, I doubt I'll find another vegetable cookbook to rival this one.
  • Shop My favourite ottolenghi book
    (30/03/2014) Use these recipes all the time. They never get boring and friends and family always love them too.
  • Shop Innovative
    (27/01/2014) Vegetarian recipes that will make a vegetable lover out of the most die-hard meat eater. I especially love the Green Couscous.