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  • Books Must have book
    (25/01/2019) Have had this book for a couple of months now- I have made many recipes from it and every one has been a winner. All recipes are so full of that special “otellenghi flavour”. I have recommended this to book to many friends and nobody has been disappointed.
  • Books Another fantastic book!
    (16/01/2019) We had this book for Christmas. Only made about 4 recipes so far but every single one has been fantastic, the usual tasty dishes we've come to expect. In your average cookery book you may want to cook only some of the recipes, I can honestly say that all the recipes within my diet acceptance are marked up ready for us to try!.. Super super book and easy to make.
  • Books Easy recipes and great step by step instructions.
    (22/12/2018) Great book even for primarily vegetarian households such as ours. Easy recipes and a great idea to register on to be able to have the entire set of recipes on my iPad! Genius!
  • Books A standby
    (03/11/2018) Lives up to its promise. Simple yet delicious food for those times when you want to eat well but don't want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. My kind of spices, flavours, and ingredients. If you think that brussel sprouts are boring (and they are boarding-house school style--boiled to death), try them with burnt butter and black garlic. Ditto the humble cabbage: it's delicious story-fried so that it still has a slightly crunchy texture. Love the vegetable dishes--so easy to turn into a main meal with a fried egg with za'atar (my own personal stand-by) or chickpeas, hummus if you're vegan. Easy to modify recipes e.g. I cook mushrooms and walnuts, instead of mushrooms and chestnuts. Also inspires you to make up your own 'simples'.

    Only one problem. At the back of the book, you get a code so that you can access the book's contents online. I cannot see where to do this on the website, and the search engine didn't help. How do I do this?

    Todah rabah