Merlot vinegar

Merlot vinegar

Merlot vinegar

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Merlot wine vinegar, grape must. Contains sulfites

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Feb 2021

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  • Pantry Brilliant vinegar
    (11/02/2015) Although it is pricey, it is worth it. As other reviews have mentioned it has a delicious wine flavour and isn't too acidic. Lovely as part of a salad dressing or to marinate sautéed mushrooms etc.
  • Pantry A cut above the rest
    (25/09/2014) Very nice, not too acidic ,quite winey. Really nice.
  • Pantry best vinegar
    (01/03/2014) It's the best vinegar I have ever tried, even though it is pricy, it's worth every penny of it. Thank you for sourcing these wonderful products.