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  • Jerusalem A beautiful recipe book
    (20/01/2015) A truly beautiful book with inspirational recipes. Looking forward to exploring this book and trying out more recipes.
  • Jerusalem For lovers of REAL food!
    (30/11/2014) I luuurve this book. It made me want to start cooking again.
    The day after I bought it, I was in the kitchen.

    I am just about to lunch on the leftovers of the roasted eggplant with onions, and my own version of fattoush.

    This is good home cooking, not too much mess to clean up, no spending hours making a meat patty look like a stupid bunch of roses.

    It's all about the good ingredients and the flavour. Your Nanna doesn't pfaff around in the kitchen for six hours making ''pretty''. She gets in and feeds you with as little trouble as possible. That's REAL cooking. That is the essence of this book.

    Sami and Yotam are real food lovers. No pretentious lalala at all in this book.

    May I say I was absolutely gratified to find that their hummus recipe is exactly the same as mine? (I was taught it by a cook in a little Lebanese cafe in Bankstown, Sydney, more than twenty years ago. Sadly the cafe has gone.)

    I have been glad to have an excuse to renew my attack on my sumac and za'atar stores, and am loving all the flavour combinations.

    Thank my lucky stars that I live in Australia, where it is so multi-cultural, and I can always find ingredients.


  • Jerusalem An exciting book to cook with
    (21/10/2014) A unique collection of recipes with lovely introductory passages explaining interesting history/background on the foods. The book is full of easy-to-follow recipes and beautiful photography.
  • Jerusalem a whoe new repertoire of delights for the taste buds
    (20/10/2014) Since my son bought this book for me last Christmas it has become my favourite go to book for dinner parties (it has some competition as I have over 450 cook books). The recipes are easy to prepare, always delicious and everyone asks for the recipes. When I show them the book they are hooked and love the beautiful presentation, as well as the recipes and want to try for themselves. I'll definitely be asking for the lastest Ottolenghi book for Christmas.
  • Jerusalem Beautiful book; delicious recipes!
    (11/09/2014) As a vegetarian it's rare that I find a non-vegetarian cookbook enticing enough to buy but Jerusalem is fantastic. There are enough great vegetarian recipes in here to make it absolutely worthwhile but from browsing other recipes I've got a lot of new ideas about how to combine flavours.

    Also, quite apart from all the savoury deliciousness, it includes the clementine and almond syrup cake that became an instant Christmas Eve tradition in my house from the moment the recipe was published in the Guardian. Yum!
  • Jerusalem One of my favorite cookbooks
    (17/08/2014) I've had this cookbook for a while now and its not only the most beautiful cookbook in my collection (I made an effort to get this over the American version we have here. Why this cover wasn't used in the U.S., I have no idea why. It blows the American version away.) but its one of my most heavily used. Chicken with caramelized onion and cardamom rice was easily added to our weekly rotation. Prawns, scallops, and clams with tomatoes and feta is a constant request from my mother. Turkey and courgette burgers (zucchini for my fellow Americans) and salmon steaks in chraimeh sauce were amazing.
  • Jerusalem Love the recipes but ... a few problems
    (19/03/2014) My husband and I are having so much fun trying these recipes, making most of them into vegetarian recipes, e.g. substituting veggie crumbles for lamb, vegetarian meatballs for beef meatballs, etc. A couple of problems: in the recipe on the cover (which we've made for company twice, a group of 10 and a group of 12, both times to rave reviews), the eggs (we used medium) take much longer to cook than the 3 minutes suggested. Tonight we are having meatballs and fava beans. We've never used fava beans before and bought Egyptian fava beans. My husband followed the directions to the letter. Actually, he cooked them for a good bit longer than specified in the recipe. The beans are not cooked at all. The tastes of the dish are great, but we are chewing an awful lot. I've now looked on-line and the beans should have been soaked overnight and then cooked for a couple of hours. Oh dear. That should have been outlined very very clearly in the recipe. The dish is good enough that we'll scoop out the beans, boil them for a couple of hours and add them back to the meatballs, but we shouldn't have to do that. The spinach salad and butternut squash w/red onions and eggplant with bulgur have all been delicious, and great hits when we've served them to company. We plan to go through the book and make as many as we can, omitting the clearly treif ones!
  • Jerusalem Need help
    (08/02/2014) I have had mixed success with these recipes. Even following instructions closely, my basmati rice in several of the dishes comes out underdone, even after a long period of soaking. I am guessing I haven't brought my dish up to correct temp before putting the lid on. Using Le Creuset for cooking pots. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    Thanks for your review and for letting us know how you are getting on. We are very sorry indeed to hear that you've having mixed success with the recipes. We test and re-test and re-test them again to make absolutely sure they work for people and its rare for us to hear feedback like yours in response to Yotam's books. As ever with recipes, you should always taste things as you go along so if the rice is not cooked, for example - which you'll be able to tell by just biting into a few grains taken from the cooking pot - you can simply keep it on the stove top for longer (adding a bit more liquid, if you need to) until it is where you want it to be. Make sure you bring the water to a good boil before reducing the temperature and simmering the rice, covered, for the recommended time and then you can always leave it off the heat, covered, for 10 minutes at the end to keep the rice cooking through from the built up steam. The most full-proof advice, though, is to taste and judge the readiness of something like rice as you are cooking it as, for all of Yotam's testing and recipe recommendations, everyone's pots and pans and stove and flames etc. will be a little different from each others.

    I hope that helps a little. All the best and happy cooking!
  • Jerusalem A must have
    (27/01/2014) I've had this cookbook for over a year now but I am still discovering recipes that I can't wait to cook. The conchiglie with yoghurt, peas and chilli is a weekly staple in our house and the saffron rice with barberries, pistachios and herbs is a favorite for impressing dinner guests. This week, I'll be making the poached pears with saffron and cardamom. Can't wait!
  • Jerusalem another beautiful cookbook!
    (21/01/2014) this book is beautiful to look at and wonderful to use - there is such an array of recipes and some unusual ingredients that encourage trying out new flavours and techniques, and excellent recipe for hummus too!