Dried rose petals

Dried rose petals

Dried rose petals

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Dried rose petals

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September 2019

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  • Pantry Great decoration for cakes
    (30/03/2014) I sprinkle these on an orange and polenta cake I make that has a yogurt honey icing. They're a great addition to the cake in terms of flavour and appearance.
  • Pantry Just the scent is enough.
    (08/03/2014) You only need to use a small amount to enliven food. Good with sweet dishes - so much nicer than too much sugar and an interesting addition to salads.
  • Pantry looks great as a decoration
    (22/01/2014) I used it to decorate the cherry compote ricepudding and it took it to another dimension, however, I don't really like the scent of it.
  • Pantry Nice on Desserts or in Yogurt
    (09/12/2013) These make a beautiful garnishing touch to top sweets or to put in yogurt.