Date syrup

Date syrup

Date syrup

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Juice of dates

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June 2021

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  • Pantry delicious
    (12/04/2014) This is wonderful stuff - good in the chicken recipe & delicious over vanilla icecream!
  • Pantry Great as a spread or sweetener
    (30/03/2014) I have this on toast, in my porridge, with yogurt and I've even used it as a substitute for sugar in a carrot cake. Tastes delicious.
  • Pantry good alternative to sugar
    (01/03/2014) It's good for sweetening as well as marinating instead of using sugar. Tastes very nice without being too sweet.
  • Pantry Sweet but not too sticky
    (21/12/2013) This syrup is great as an alternative to maple syrup or brown sugar. I like to put it in my morning porridge.