Ancho chilli

Ancho chilli

Ancho chilli

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Dried whole ancho chilli

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April 2020

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  • Pantry Perfect kick to mexican dishes
    (30/09/2014) This chilli is delicious and can be eaten on its own or added to a Mexican side- or main- dish to give it body
  • Pantry 5 stars for the product, 1 star for the price
    (03/09/2014) And I thought I was overpaying for Mexican food products living in the middle of Europe. What a racket; or is Ottolenghi's supplier shipping by express air courier also in small delicate sachets? Can such a price be justifiable?

    If so, you poor mexicanos living in the UK—actually any admirer of Mexican cuisine!
  • Pantry Good quality chilli
    (18/02/2014) It is a very good quality mexican chilli with so much flavour. It tastes so good that can be eaten just on its own.
  • Pantry perfect for mexican dishes
    (21/01/2014) this is a great quality product - hard to find in supermarkets - and not too hot, perfect for mexican sauces and salsas.
  • Pantry Great for Mexican food recipes
    (21/12/2013) I've found ingredients for Mexican food recipes difficult to find in the UK so it's great to find them here. These chillis are not hot but add a deep, rich complex flavor to sauces.