Aleppo chilli flakes

Aleppo chilli flakes

Aleppo chilli flakes

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Dried aleppo chilli flakes, oil, sea salt

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October 2019

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  • Pantry Sweet, deep flavour
    (16/01/2015) A lovely spicy aroma of toasted fruit & nuttiness
  • Pantry Great quality
    (30/09/2014) Good balance of sweetness and spice compared with other competitive brands. Delicious addition to numerous dishes
  • Pantry Very nice visually and tastes great
    (18/02/2014) Not so spicy, but still very nice. It is a great addition to many dishes, such as eggs, soups, pasta. And the colour of it is so vibrant and beautiful in this glass bottle that decorates the kitchen as well.
  • Pantry Sweet and not too spicy
    (21/12/2013) These chilli flakes provide just the right amount of heat. I always have them in the pantry to make Conchiglie with yoghurt, peas & chilli. It's also nice to throw in a few pinches into a lasagne for a little extra kick.
  • Pantry Wonderful flavor
    (09/12/2013) I love super spicy things. These are not super spicy, just a hint of kick, but they are so flavorful that I love them anyway. Just ordering my second jar and some more for holiday gifts. Lovely on eggs, pizza, pasta.
  • Pantry perfect
    (26/11/2013) Perfectly spicy and just love the packaging.
  • Pantry The best chilli
    (22/11/2013) The flakes are more moist than most other chilli and the flavour is more mellow without having any less heat. My favourite to add to cold dishes especially
  • Pantry Not used often, but wonderful when used
    (19/10/2013) I use this at the end of a stir-fry for some heat and complexity, or over a fried egg. I find that its flavour tends to disappear in stews - maybe my stews are too strong in flavour. I don't use this all that often, but when I do, it's always a good reminder that I have a jar of this lovely stuff in the kitchen.