Star of Bethlehem, Dabouki, Cremisan, Palestine, 2015

Star of Bethlehem, Dabouki, Cremisan, Palestine, 2015

Star of Bethlehem, Dabouki, Cremisan, Palestine, 2015

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Bethlehem, Palestine


Cremisan Wine Cellars Cremisan was built in 1863 by an Italian missionary named Antonio Bellone—it was originally meant to function as a shelter for orphans. In order to keep the shelter running and guarantee the orphans work, Bellone established a winery for producing mass wine, used for church proceedings. Before his death, he partnered with Don Bosco, the founder of the Salesian congregation (a group of Roman Catholics), and since then, the Salesian community has supported the winery—turning it into an institute for philosophical studies and cultivating new vineyards and olive groves. The name, "Cremisan" comes from "Kereman," a reference to the Zan grape varietal that grows on the vineyard. The winery itself sits right on the border between the West Bank and Jerusalem and the grapes used in the wines are grown both in Shaffa (inside the Palestinian Territories) and Bet Jamal which is on Israeli land. The winery provides professional training and opportunities for local local women and men. “Cultivating peace through the vine”, is how Cremisan Wine Cellars describe themselves and that's exactly what the Salesians have been doing in the Holy Land for more than a century.







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