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Chicken with potatoes, prunes and pomegranate molasses

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8 whole chicken legs (ie, each with a drumstick and a thigh; 2kg in all)
16 medium charlotte potatoes, peeled (about 800g net)
3 large onions, peeled and quartered
120g pitted prunes
30g grated fresh ginger
100ml soy sauce
90ml pomegranate molasses
1 tbsp maple syrup
120g sweet mango chutney
½ tsp whole black peppercorns
20g oregano sprigs, plus a few picked leaves to garnish


Heat the oven to 200C/390F/gas mark 6. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, then tip into a large casserole dish. Cover with a lid (or thick foil), and bake for 10 minutes. Lower the heat to 180C/350F/gas mark 4, and cook for two hours longer, stirring every now and then.

When the time is up, remove the dish from the oven, stir once more, cover and set aside for at least 15 minutes, to rest and allow the flavours to mingle. Garnish with a few oregano leaves, and serve with a sharp green salad and some good bread to mop up the lovely juices.

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  • Recipes one of best ever!
    (17/02/2018) Made this a number of times, always to ecstatic raves. Similar hard-potato issues, but will use smaller ones. QUESTION: what’s a simple good starter/ appetiser for this?
  • Recipes Perfect easy dish for a dinner party
    (20/12/2017) I made this dish for a dinner party last week and I've never had such great feedback! My guests absolutely loved it and all asked for the recipe. In making this dish, I made a few minor adjustments: baby potatoes instead of whole (after reading other comments), dried oregano instead of fresh, and as I didn't have maple I substituted in agave. To be honest, the flavours are so robust I expect it can hold up to substitutions. I didn't need the whole two hours - I suspect that's due to the need to split the dish into a couple of trays. Yes it's a massive recipe, but if you're hosting a dinner party, well that's what you want, right? No one wanted the potatoes as I'd made rice alongside, so I ended up using them for bubble and squeak a couple of days later, which was fabulous. Thank you Ottolenghi for your wonderful recipes. They are always a joy to make and a total joy to eat!
  • Recipes Absolutely simple and great
    (21/06/2016) It's the third time I cook this recipe. I took a Roemertopf, a kind of clay Tajine to cook it and it was just delicious. Two hours at 180 degrees Celsius and I just left it in the oven while we were eating the entries. I also put the potatoes in a separate Pyrex for 35 minutes with some oil and thyme, since there wasn't enough space in the Roemertopf. Next time I will cook some tagliatelle instead to really mop up the sauce. I was skeptical in the beginning, how combine soya sauce with pomegranate sauce but it works! My family and my guests just love it! Thank you Yotam, I love your books and your recipes.
  • Recipes Guests Raved
    (17/06/2016) I took a risk and made this for the very first time for my guests last night. It was one of those joyful moments in which everyone is struck by how delicious the food is, exclaims repeatedly, and takes many servings! So much satisfaction for such a simple recipe! This one will be on repeat. I cooked this dish in two casseroles - a le creuset and a glass pyrex. Both did well. I stirred once after about the 45 min mark. I also took out early, at around 1 hr 40 min. The meat was fall off the bone, the sauce tangy and sticky, the potatoes soft and buttery, the onions caramelized, and the prunes surprisingly meaty and loaded with flavour. For dessert, a simple bowl of chilled, fresh cherries (next to which was a bowl of chocolate covered cherries). A memorable night of friendship, made all the more so for the great food!
  • Recipes Super easy and totally delicious
    (08/05/2016) Absolutely love this recipe. It is super easy and totally delicious. I marinaded everything the day before and then while the chicken cooked, I had time to make Saffron Rice with Barberries - an old favourite. A great combination for a dinner party. Everybody loved it.
  • Recipes Really enjoyable meal
    (28/03/2016) We really enjoyed this meal, I used baby potatoes which cooked well, I had to make sure they were covered in the liquid whilst cooking. I would use couscous next time, I think that would work well with the lovely sauce.
  • Recipes Utterly Delicious
    (25/01/2016) So easy to make and just wonderful flavours!
  • Recipes Perfect!
    (24/01/2016) My first outing cooking Ottolengi and it was perfect fist time out! Inspired to try more recipes now.

    This was a great hit with my friends. What fab flavours! I need a second large casserole dish for my next outing of this dish as it all got eaten and more would have gone down a treat.

    A large dish is required to fit it all in. I used small Vivaldi potatoes (the salad size would be perfect) and cut them in half. They went in raw and came out melt in your mouth soft, with all the flavours soaked up. Yum!
  • Recipes Delicious Dish!!
    (16/01/2016) The dish tasted delicious but the cooking time isn't long enough for the potatoes. The next time I did it, I used couscous. The pomegranate molasses add so much to the flavour!
  • Recipes Fabulous Flavours!!
    (29/12/2015) We love this recipe. I use potatoes I grow on the allotment, chop them into roastie size and par boil them. I also marinade the meat for 24 hours. The potatoes soak up the flavours and it is a firm family favourite and excellent for dinner parties when you want a recipe that can go into the oven without too much effort. Give it a go!