Watermelon and strawberry granita

I’ve called this a granita, because it’s no-churn and not entirely smooth, but it’s more like a sorbet, really. It’s incredibly refreshing, and the perfect end to a summer meal when you’re too full or hot to handle a rich dessert, but still need a sweet hit. Transfer it from the freezer to the fridge for five to 10 minutes before serving, to make it easier to scoop.

10 mins


10 mins


5 hrs


4 people

Serving size


½ small seedless watermelon, peeled, flesh cut into 2cm chunks (350g net weight)
150g ripe strawberries, hulled, roughly chopped
5g makrut lime leaves, stalks removed, then blitzed in a spice grinder (or very finely chopped)
125g glucose
4 limes: finely grate enough skin to get 2 tsp zest, then juice 2 to get 3 tbsp; cut the rest into wedges, to serve
2 tbsp vodka
2 tsp caster sugar


  1. Put both fruits in a large container and freeze until solid – about two hours.

  2. Meanwhile, put two-thirds of the makrut lime leaves in a small saucepan with the glucose, lime juice and zest, and vodka, and gently heat on a medium flame until the glucose has melted and is warm. Leave to infuse, preferably for at least an hour, then reheat until warm and runny. Pass through a fine-mesh sieve, and discard the bits of lime leaf. Put the frozen fruit and makrut syrup in a blender, and blitz until smooth and slushy.

  3. Transfer everything to a container, cover with a lid or clingfilm, and freeze until firm – about three hours. Meanwhile, mix the remaining shredded lime leaves with the caster sugar. Serve the granita with a little lime sugar sprinkled on top and lime wedges alongside.