Quebec maple syrup

Quebec maple syrup

Quebec maple syrup

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We finally managed to get this maple syrup from the 'Régie' that controls the farms in Quebec, Canada. Reach into the fridge for it throughout the day: swirl it through yogurt sprinkled with walnuts for breakfast; drizzle it over pancakes piled high with bacon or bananas for brunch; use it to make a classic vinaigrette or other dressings for lunch and bring natural sweetness and depth to a host of cooked dishes for the evening meal. A really versatile ingredient, in a very cool package. Induces intense nostalgia in North American ex-pats!


Pure maple syrup

Shelf life

November 2020

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United Kingdom & Europe



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  • Shop Grandmother's Maple Syrup
    (09/05/2015) You cannot get better than this maple syrup. My French Canadian grandmother used to send us 6 tins each Christmas from Montreal and we made it last all year till the next delivery. The packaging hasn't changed thank goodness, this is a real taste of my childhood. Granny said any other type of maple syrup was merely 'sirop de poteau' - something you'd paint on the fencepost!
  • Shop massive tin, gorgeous taste
    (16/01/2015) The best maple syrup and good value compared to other brands. Decanted into jars, but I still have the tin decorating my kitchen. Good enough to give as an unusual pressy.
  • Shop Love the tin
    (26/09/2014) Great tasting syrup and yes, the tin is perhaps not the most user - friendly, but it's so cute. I just decanted the contents into a bottle and put it in the fridge.
  • Shop the silliest packaging
    (08/07/2014) The maple syrup itself is good, but the packaging is a real let down. It doesn't have a lid on it enabling it to close properly.