Piquillo peppers

Piquillo peppers

Piquillo peppers

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Piquillo means ‘small beak’ in Spanish, and the peppers got this name because of their tapered points. They are grown in Navarra, in the North of Spain and have a sweet and smoky flavour. Collected during the end of summer and autumn, they are prepared by artisans who grill them on charcoal and then peel them by hand. No corners are cut in the production process, ensuring intense flavour. They are a versatile ingredient. You can substitute them in place of other roasted red peppers for a deeper, more intense flavour, like in this recipe for crushed butter beans with red pepper paste. Delicious in purees, relishes and salsas and they can be enjoyed very simply by themselves with a sprinkling of salt or olive oil.


whole and sliced peppers, sodium, citric acid

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22 February 2020

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  • Pantry mature, rounded pepper
    (16/01/2015) Much better than using raw pepper, more intense, rich flavour. Bought last year, always use now in Catalan Fish Stew (Moro recipe), use some, rest keep fine in glass dish in fridge. They are useful as "ready marinated" peppery addition to salads. Love the idea of crushing with butter beans.