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Maftoul is a traditional Palestinian product similar to couscous, but the grains are larger and rounder. It is made from bulgur wheat that is sun-dried and then hand rolled by women. Maftoul can be used in any dish that requires couscous, or to substitute rice or bulgur. It goes well as a side-dish to tagines, roast chicken or as the base in a salad.


Organic whole wheat, salt, water.

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31 March 2019

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  1. Mograbieh

    Bigger is, in some cases, better, says cous-cous' superior larger brother here



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  • Pasta and couscous Delicious grain, looks like giant couscous but so much better!
    (02/12/2015) This has been one of the best additions to my pantry in 2015! Love the size, texture and how it carries flavour. And it's so versatile! You cook it for 10 minutes like rice (it doesn't overcook!) and you can add it to salad or stew or soup. My new favourite grain! There's no going back to conventional couscous.