Black garlic - 50g

Black garlic - 50g

Black garlic - 50g

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Add a sweet, mellow and rich flavour to your cooking. The rich, almost meaty flavour of these sweet, dark, jellied cloves brings a new depth of flavour to old favourites as well as inspiring new sauces, marinades and a wide range of dishes. Try it in roasts, stir-fries, salads, pizzas, pastas. A versatile and mellow ingredient which, delightfully, doesn’t make your breath smell!


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June 2019

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  • Pantry Delicious
    (02/02/2015) Delicious flavour, not overly garlicky but sweet with an interesting texture... lovely chopped into salads or just to nibble on as a snack.
  • Pantry lovely
    (20/01/2015) I've been wanting to try black garlic for a while so decided to buy this. They have a squishy texture but a lovely sweet garlicky flavour. The first dish i made with them involved yoghurt and chargrilled aubergine and it worked very well! highly recommend it.
  • Pantry Delicious on their own
    (17/03/2014) I bought these for the short ribs recipe, which is great, but I find I like them equally as a snack.
  • Pantry Wonderful, smokey sweet flavour
    (06/12/2013) Squishy garlic - without the garlicky smell and taste. Rather, it's sweet and complex flavoured. It's proved very versatile in stir fries but hard to chop into smaller bits. Perhaps better in stews? I've already repurchased.