Flavour is Yotam’s 8th book and is co-written with Ixta Belfrage, who has been working at the Test Kitchen for 4 years.

Flavour is a celebration of wonderful, versatile vegetables. The ambition was to prove that the possibilities are endless when it comes to building flavour with them. With this book, we hope to have created not only a collection of beautiful recipes, but an approachable deep dive into how to create flavour bombs, and crucially why they work. We’ve done this by highlighting what we like to call the ‘The 3 Ps’: Process, Pairing and Produce.

Process explains how to ramp up flavour in a vegetable by subjecting it to a process like charring, browning, infusing or ageing. 

Pairing explains how flavour can be dialled up by what you pair it with; sweetness, fat, acidity and chilli heat.

Produce shines a light on some key vegetables and ingredients namely mushrooms, alliums, Nuts and seeds and Sugar. These all naturally possess a depth of flavour that allows them to play starring roles. 

The ‘Flavour Bombs’ section (p. 297-299) is probably our favourite part of the book. We had a few working titles for the book and one of them was ‘The Ottolenghi F bomb’. We ditched that idea pretty quickly but the idea of Flavour bombs stuck with us, and on these pages we feature the condiments, sauces, pickles, salsas, infused oils that play starring roles in our recipes. Stock your fridge with some of these Flavour bombs and a meal full of flavour will never be far away!

We have Tara to thank for writing the wonderful chapter openers, and Noor, Neil and Calvin for contributing some brilliant recipes to the book.