Wolves Lane is a 3-acre glasshouse site in the heart of Wood Green, North London. Here ROVI has a kitchen garden where we grow produce that provides part of our monthly veggie supply. The project has the vision of moving ROVI towards becoming a more sustainable business and reducing the carbon footprint by growing vegetables locally.

Ottolenghi staff can pop in to the garden and spend time helping our grower Sarah with daily tasks. We weed out the beds to make space for the crops, use the weeds to make compost and harvest the product that is ready to go to the kitchen.

This last November, 2kg of mustard leaves, 1.8 kg of red chillies and 28kg of jalapenos ended up in our kitchen at ROVI. New fresh crops are now waiting to be sowed in the Spring time. Broad beans are growing throughout the winter, and the greens already planted will be ready for harvesting as the weather warms up.

The space is made up of one greenhouse and 4 beds that are available for sowing, planting and growing in a mix of pots, indoor and outdoor soil.

The project is also reflecting the concept of zero-wastage behind ROVI's menu, as all the weeds and damaged crops go into the compost pile to be used as a natural fertilizer. Furthermore, the reusable blue plastic boxes reduce the plastic packaging involved in the delivery process, while keeping the products fresh.