MEDITERRANEO platters - 40 limited edition pieces

As part of our new Artisan Limited Edition range, where we commision artists and makers to produce an exclusive and limited number of unique and beautifully crafted pieces, we are proud to introduce our first collaboration with potter Barbara Arcieri of BABA ceramics.

We love the the simple and spontaneous shape and the generous size of these platters that invites a use for sharing delicious food with family and friends. So much so, we also commissioned some for our restaurant salad displays! It's blue glaze is lush, intense and variegated and on the whole reflects the culture and the people of the place it takes its name from.

Barbara (BABA Ceramics) is an architect from southern Italy.  For years she worked in her profession of architecture in her home country and then later in London, while at the same time feeding her passion for ceramics in any spare time she had available.  Eventually ceramics took over and she quit the ‘serious’ (and safe) office job as an architect to completely dedicate herself to her passion.

Her work is in between contemporary design and contemporary art; functional sculptures and sculpturally functional objects, with her constant ambition to transform mud in poetry, trying to catch the elusive beauty existing into imperfection.