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Shelf Love is all about using what you already have in your kitchen cupboard, but there are a few ingredients we use quite often in the OTK that might take a little more effort to find, so we have put them together to make our stunning OTK Hamper. Whole Black Lime feels central to the book and is used in Sesame-crusted feta and beef skewers. Dried Chickpeas may not be as hard to find but good quality chickpeas are essential in hummus! Mung Beans feature often in Persian cooking and can be found in the Tamarind, greens and mung beans with turmeric oil. And the vibrant yellow Chana Dal is so versatile, we felt it deserved a place here. Also included in this very special hamper is an OTK tea towel, and our very own OTK Tiffin Box, so you can take your OTK creations to the office, on a picnic or to visit friends – it’s  reusable, washable and sealable.


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