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NOPI The Cookbook

NOPI The Cookbook

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NOPI: The Cookbook includes over 100 of the most popular dishes from Yotam’s Soho-based restaurant NOPI. It’s written with long-time collaborator and NOPI head chef Ramael Scully, who brings his distinctive Asian twist to the Ottolenghi kitchen. Yotam and Scully’s pantries come together so that sumac meets star anise, miso meets molasses and pandan meets pomegranate. The resulting dishes shine brightly.  

Whether you’re a regular at the NOPI restaurant and want to know the secret to your favourite dish – the baked blue cheesecake, the beef brisket, the twice-cooked baby chicken – or are an Ottolenghi fan who wants to see how it’s done in the restaurant kitchen, this is a collection of recipes which will inspire and delight.

From simple starters – the burrata with blood orange, coriander seeds and lavender oil – to more involved main courses and puddings, there is something here for every meal and every occasion. Whether you’re looking for a quick brunch or an impressive and complete restaurant-style dinner party, this book is another gem to add to your Ottolenghi collection.

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  • Shop Great service and delivery
    (21/03/2018) Bought this book as a gift, and received it within 3 working days (international delivery). It was also gift wrapped, which gives it that little extra touch. Thanks so much!
  • Shop Daring, different and delicious
    (20/09/2015) What an amazingly daring and different cookbook ! Very informative and interesting for regular cooks and a welcome challenge to the ordinary. Gilt-edged in more ways than one! Delighted to add this inspiration to my Ottolenghi collection !