Ottolenghi Islington is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner - to eat in or take away from the deli. Located opposite the Almeida, it is a pre-theatre favourite, as well as a much-loved local institution to long-time regulars and first time guests alike.


Our Islington location takes reservations for dinner, from 5:30pm but not for breakfast or lunch – try to make it extra early if you are planning on a weekend brunch!


Seating in the restuarant is mostly on long, communal tables but there are a handful of tables for two. Please let us know at the point of booking if you have a seating preference.


9.00 - 22.00
9.00 - 18.00


Meet our team - Eriko Ikeda


Eriko's hometown of Yachimata in Chiba is agriculturally rich, known for being Japan's number one producer of peanuts. She admits that there aren't any notable landmarks or tourist tips to share about her home, but it offers plenty of nature and peace of mind.


She fell in love with London when she came here on a month-long study abroad program. For 9 long years, she relentlessly applied for a work visa to return, honing her English, barista and culinary skills in the meantime. On a short trip back to the UK in 2013, armed with a Japanese guidebook, she popped into one of the featured delis. She was instantly enthralled by the smiling salad display at Ottolenghi Notting Hill - vivid and dynamic, unlike anything she had seen back home.


Eriko came back to London in 2017 and, with the coveted visa and her CV in hand, she headed straight for Ottolenghi the very next day. Not surprisingly, we scooped her up and she has blossomed as a chef ever since, happily settling in Islington after spending time in Spitalfields and the bakery.


Surrounded daily by beaming veggies, cakes and coworkers... She couldn't possibly ask for more!




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