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Something sharp, something sweet, something salty, something smoky: finish off your stews, salads, eggs, fish and vegetables with any of these punchy spices. There’s enough flavour packed into is this one collected set to keep your cooking very interesting indeed.

Ground Dried Lime: Sharp and aromatic, these are small limes that are left to dry in the sun for a very long time, until they turn rock-hard, and then ground. They have a sharp flavour and are very aromatic. Add to salads, particularly those based on pulses and grains.

Aleppo Chilli Flakes:  A Turkish chilli, dried and flaked, named after the Syrian city of Aleppo. Burgundy in colour and with medium heat it has a sweet aroma and works well sprinkled over roasted meat or veg. It can also be added to melted butter or hot olive oil to finish off stews, soups and poached or fried eggs.

Nigella Seeds: These seeds have an astringency which pairs well with salads, savoury pastries and sweet roasted vegetables. Stunning also when sprinkled lightly on top of white rice and couscous. 

Lemon Myrtle Salt: Lemon myrtle comes from tropical north Queensland, Australia. It has a natural lemon flavour and scent. When mixed with sea salt it makes a perfect seasoning for white meat and fish. 

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