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Grissini is atraditional Italian breadstick made with olive oil. Ours are hand rolled, delicate yet with a spicy edge. Perfect for drinks, parties or as a picnic snack. Careful - they are extremely morish.


Italian flour (Gluten), fresh yeast, fresh rosemary, fresh chives, parmesan cheese (Milk), extra virgin olive oil, chilli flakes, water, salt

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  1. Prosecco di Valdobbiadene, Casa Cote Piane, Veneto, Italy NV

    Stylish, elegant and rich. Brings the fun back to drinking this often average Italian fizz.

    Prosecco di Valdobbiadene, Casa Cote Piane, Veneto, Italy NV

  2. Rosemary spiced nuts


    Rosemary spiced nuts


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  • Savoury Spicy deliciousness
    (26/01/2015) A different take on a breadstick ... surprisingly snappily crunchy ... with a peppery zing .... and a freshly baked taste ... and so many flavours reminding me of sun drenched Mediterranean holidays ... a little bit of summer on a winter's day ... just yummy
  • Savoury Something different
    (11/09/2014) Great with a glass of fino
  • Savoury Amazing, the best you'll have
    (01/02/2014) Couldn't fault them, fantastic
  • Savoury Breadsticks never again
    (19/01/2014) I first tried these as an alternative to the standard dry breadstick and have never looked back! Once you've tasted this, any other dipper will seem like cardboard in comparison
  • Savoury crunchy
    (29/10/2013) Crunchy and spicy - the best grissini I've ever tasted. Tastes very fresh unlike the cupboardy fare one usually gets.