Earth and Zest Spice Collection


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Four fresh and zesty ways to finish off your dish! 

Sumac: Spruce up some eggs with a pinch of sharp sumac. The dried and ground berries from the sumac tree have a citrusy, lemony flavour and dark red colour. This is a favourite spice of ours and features heavily in our cookbooks.

Palestinian Za'atar: Finish off your roasted vegetables with a sprinkle of Middle Eastern za’atar. A traditional spice blend from Palestine that includes dried thyme (za’atar) from the hills of Jenin in the north of the West Bank mixed with ground sesame seeds plus a touch of sumac, salt and vegetable oil.

Lemon Salt: Garnish some grilled fish with a touch of our house made lemon salt. Flakes of Maldon sea salt mixed with lemon zest will elevate your salads, soups and stews with just a sprinkle. 

Urfa Chilli Flakes: Sweet and smokey, our Urfa chillies are grown in Turkey and have a medium-low heat. The flavour is sweet and smoky and the colour dark crimson, almost black. Use it to sprinkle over salads and roasted veg or with oily fish or stews.

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