A Q&A with Yotam in which he dons his favourite apron, says goodbye to some summery biscuits, tells us why he is excited to be stocking verjuice and shares a turn-of-the-season recipe.

Q: You’re looking very happy there, in your apron?

A: I am indeed. If I had my way I’d be stamping the PLENTY MORE cover image on every tea towel, tote bag and coffee mug I come across at the moment. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but, really, the jury was unanimous on this one. I love it!

Q: Is there anything else you are excited to be stocking at the moment?

A: Yes, Verjuice! I’ve used this in my cooking for years – it’s made from the juice of semi-ripe wine grapes and tastes somewhere between red wine vinegar and lemon juice, but without the sharpness of either – but it’s been painfully hard to get hold of outside of Australia, where it’s championed by everyone’s favourite Maggie Beer. I’m so happy we’re able to sell it now!

Q: Can you give us some recipes or ideas of how to use it?

A: You can use it in all sorts of recipes and dressings but one of my favourite Autumnal recipes in PLENTY MORE is the seared fennel and garlic cloves with black olives, capers and a tomato and verjuice sauce. It’s a dish which is comforting and surprising in equal measure, a combination which I love. FENNEL WITH CAPERS AND OLIVES

Q: Are there any other recipes you want to share as the season changes?

A: It’s the perfect time to give some comforting warmth to summer peas and broad beans, which you can just still get hold of fresh. Lightly stewing these in stock with long wedges of little gem leaves and some freshly chopped mint is lovely, served with some buttery basmati rice. LIGHTLY STEWED BROAD BEANS, PEAS AND GEM LETTUCE

Q: Is there anything you’ll be saying goodbye to in the weeks to come?

A: We need to make some space for our autumn and winter sweet treats so it’ll soon be farewell to our passionfruit buttercream-filled crunchy Yo-yo biscuits. We’re selling them up until Sunday, though, so order now for that sip of the summer wine.

Q: Anything else before we go?

A: Have I mentioned the Plenty More hamper?! It’s the one-stop shop for the new kids on the block.
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