Vanity & Shame 18

An exciting recent acquisition at NOPI was a video installation called VANITY AND SHAME. We adored the large still-life painting of lemons previously filling the space but it was time for something a bit more dynamic. We wanted an interactive piece that did more to connect the formality of the ground floor dining area with the more industrial working atmosphere of the basement, where the open kitchen shares a space with the restaurant’s large, informal, shared-dining table.

Catherine Anyango, an acclaimed Swedish/Kenyan London-based artist, directs the piece. It lasts just under five minutes so customers will catch the gist of the film’s narrative over the course of an evening, making their one or two trips to the downstairs bathroom. Feedback has been great: it’s sexy, fun, stylish and original and really brings alive what was previously a rather inert space between floors.

We haven’t acquired any of Anyango’s work before but it was sourced for us by Tot Taylor at Riflemaker Gallery, who knows well the energy we are creating in our restaurant. The video can be seen in its full glory here.

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