Think Pink!

For food and wine lovers like us, England is the near perfect place to be. With beautiful food, delicious wines from all over the world and a culinary scene so vibrant it changes by the day, it makes a perfect home for the keen foodie. Then there's the weather. Despite making a great small-talk topic, there's usually much more to chat about than to actually enjoy. Luckily, when the sun does finally appears and the temperature rises, we all unwillingly put a smile on our faces.

But that's not all. Our wine fuelled research shows that sunny weather affects the colour of the wines we drink. It turns out that beautiful weather is complimented best by a glass of refreshingly fruity and crisp rose. The reasons are still mostly unknown. It might be the picnic park mood, the rose thirst quenching qualities or simply the beautiful colour but one things for sure: there's nothing quite like a glass of pink to celebrate a glorious sunny day.

A rose wine is quite simply a white wine made from red grapes. While most of the winemaking process is similar to white winemaking, the most noticeable difference is short period of time the (red) grapes spend on their skin. This is how the pink/copper/peach colour (AKA rose) is born . Most rose are not aged in oak and the winemaker's challenge is to preserve as much of the gapes natural crisp and fruity flavours as possible. While some rose's can be more “serious” (concentrated rich or complex) than others (light, crisp and fruity), they all share a joyful liveliness in the glass.

As a courtesy to the last few sunny days, and we the hope they last longer than we think they will, we are happy to share with you two of our favourite rose:

louis_154Madregale Rosato, Cantina Tollo 12' - Abruzzo, Italy

Elegant fruit meets charming freshness.
With grapes grown on a unique terroir, between the Apennines mountains and the Adriatic Sea, this must be one of Italy's best bargains.

mas_roseMas Nicot Rose 11' - Languedoc, France

Juicy, fruity and soft
A rose that is not only soft and fruity but also bone-dry and with lots of personality too. 



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