The seaweed mystery

Until you swim down there with goggles and realise it’s as clean as can be, the bottom of the sea can seem a bit murky. Dried seaweed can have rather than same effect: a bit of a mystery to the uninitiated who think it looks, well, rather too much like something you find at the bottom of the ocean. Using it couldn’t be easier, though, and the results could not be more refreshing, flavour-packed and exciting.


We’re really pleased to be stocking a range of seaweeds produced by the London-based company Atlantic Kitchen, who bring wild and Organic seaweed to the UK from some of the purest Ocean waters off the coast of Ireland, France and Spain. The seaweed grows naturally and seasonally in the open water and is harvested by hand to preserve the ocean environment and safeguard future growth.

The idea for Atlantic kitchen was born when Irish-born Dawn moved to London and found she could only buy cultivated Japanese seaweed in the shops. Having grown up eating locally foraged seaweed in Ireland, Dawn – knowing how delicious, healthy and desirable it is – set up the kitchen with her friend Ruth to persuade others to feel the same.


Along with miso, soy and black sesame seeds, Yotam is pretty much hooked on seaweed and builds it into all sorts of salads and various warm dishes. Seaweed loves punchy citrus and sweet dressings, it adores the crunch of peanuts or sesame seeds and it welcomes the crunch of other vegetables – carrots, cucumber and ginger cut in long thin strips, for example. It is most forgiving to heat of a chilli and exceptionally kind to all those want to feel virtuous around the waist line at the same time as loving flavour-packed food. Get those goggles on explore the bottom of the ocean!

Prepare before you descend by exploring our range of seaweeds and familiarising yourself with the range – mild wakame, al dente sea spaghetti and smoky dulse – and some of the many options and ways it can be built in to your meals. Two of our favourite recent recipes include Yotam’s Seaweed, ginger and carrot salad from Plenty More, as well as a dish of Seared beef with cucumber and seaweed.

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