The festive time

This is the period that we all dread. The “festive” time has sucked out every little bit of festive energy, many of our customers are still away on their festive holidays and there is this cold gloom in the air, the lethargic calm after the storm. So what better to do than think about the future, de-place one self. So we got together – the Ottolenghi creative team: Sarit, Helen, Sami and Yotam – and focused our gaze on the future. In the current state of mind, the only way to do it is systematically. I mean, go over our product list and revaluate. I can reveal a few secrets: the cheesecake tart cranberry topping is changing, stopping the pumpkin muffin (seasonal consideration)… and the most exciting bit, Helen has come up with an incredible clementine cake (just need the right moulds now) – a sure hit. Stay tuned!
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