Sesame opens on Friday the 15th of May

Inspired by the vibrant market stalls and the smoking grills of the Middle East, Sesame is a new food offering from Noam Bar, one of the founders of Ottolenghi. With intimate knowledge of the food traditions of the Mediterranean combined with the support and the creativity of his colleagues in Ottolenghi - Sami Tamimi and Yotam Ottolenghi - the result is fast food with tradition, heritage and authority.

Kebabs  Freshly grilled chicken or lamb wrapped in soft, fluffy pitta filled with freshly cut vegetable salad and spiced with tahini and tangy condiments. For vegetarians we have a delicious Iraqi dish - Sabick - made with specially prepared aubergines, hard-boiled egg and tahini, topped with tangy mango pickle wrapped in a fluffy pitta.

Skewers Freshly grilled, and carb free: paprika and cardamom chicken, lemon and za'atar chicken or spiced lamb.

Salads Full of flavour, our salads can be eaten as full meals or as a side dish.  Some of our many options are: sweet potato with baby spinach and za'atar, cauliflower with tahini and pomegranate, butternut squash with Greek yoghurt and sumac and mixed green beans with sesame oil and chilli.

Savoury and sweet treats  Sweet and spicy nuts, hummus with zhoug and chickpeas, sesame brittle, rose walnut brownie, busbussa - a rich semolina cake flavoured with orange blossom, halva and chocolate cookies.

“We researched to find the absolute best dishes from around the Mediterranean, and mainly looked to re-create the flavours of our childhood: the generously-stuffed pittas bursting with flavours, the crunchy vegetables, still full of flavour, the tahini sauce running down our face and dripping on our school uniforms, much to the dismay of our mothers. These sunny, warm and vibrant flavours are what Sesame is all about.”  - Noam Bar
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