• Shallot, potato and goat cheese tatin

    If you choose to serve this as a starter at a dinner party, alongside a fresh herb salad, you are guaranteed to impress your partner. It looks more complicated to make than it actually is and it is spectacularly delicious. Serves 2 4 baby potatoes (140g) 4 small shallots (100g...
  • The festive time

    This is the period that we all dread. The “festive” time has sucked out every little bit of festive energy, many of our customers are still away on their festive holidays and there is this cold gloom in the air, the lethargic calm after the storm. So what better to...
  • Oak

    Last night I tried to get into the new Rowley Leigh restaurant in Bayswater Le Café des Anglais. Cornelia and I didn’t book a table but tested our luck anyhow. Tough luck. The swanky new venue in Whitley’s shopping centre was fully booked and even Cornelia’s strong sense of persuasion...
  • Thanksgiving

    It is Thanksgiving today and we are all sharing a small sense of panic. Nothing major, since everybody was working very late last night to get every possible bit of preparation done (Ged and his team in Kensington have the most orders; he was drowning in gravy when I saw...

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